Great Businesses Need Dedicated Leadership Team

I'm The Big Boss Of This House, No One Can tresspass me. Mind It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anand Menon

Managing Director

Director-Operation & Marketing

Just One Look Of Mine Is Enough!!!!!!!!! 🦃🦃

Rahul Menon K

Business Development Manager

The Roaring Lioness Of Envvu 😠

Nandini Menon

Team Leader Digital-Marketing

I Dont Need Anyone's Help To Push!!!!!!!!! 😏

Muhammed Hashif

Team Leader Development

Ohh Yaa Baby !!!!! I'm Not A Paparazzi!!! 🎥

Abhijith Mohandas

Team Leader Media-Production

I'm Talented, Matured and Extraodinary 🎷🎷🎷

Saranya PB

Web Developer

Come On Lets Take A Selfie!!! 😎😎

Vipin Kv

Graphic Designer

I'll Learn Malayalam ASAP!!!! 😆😆

Pavithra Devi

SEO Analyst

I'll Fix Everything, Just Give Me A Sec!!!!!!

Muhammed Shinaz M

Graphic Designer

I'm The Intellectual Person Of This House 😋😋


Python Developer

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