The Scrum idea of a separated Scrum Master is good for Scrum, but not appropriate for most projects. Good development requires not just talkers but doers.


Bertrand Meyer

Web Designing & Development

While creating the custom website design, we try to know all the things related to your business. Through constant discussion with customers, we would create a mockup of the layout and structure and then proceed with your needs. All this at your required budget.

Desktop Applications

Envvu Marketing engages in designing and building desktop apps that contain Visual Basic development, C# Development, ASP.NET development, VB.NET development, etc. Our desktop application services are strategically-effective, risk-repellant, and even easy-to-maintain. Also, it facilitates the enhancements that are modular to various upgrades.

Mobile Applications

Using solid expert knowledge in mobile apps development, our team will create seamless and practical experiences on any device and gain the best of the mobile technology for your business. We would extend the reach of current web portals using content-rich and transactions-centric mobile apps.

Our Clients

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